[shift] Religion- On Origins of Man and Suffering


-the horsehead nebula

In the beginning was God and as he was Good, it follows that only Good could have proceeded from him. It is recalled by the ancients, the world began as a great harmony. By his providence he sent forth the word into the chaos and out of the darkness it rose as a great pillar. This ‘Word of God’ being in essence both Light and Life, moving like a breath through the chaos brought forth the Fire/Spirit. It is then this Fire which fashioned the heavenly powers who in their circles bounded the world; and their government is termed destiny. For the ‘Word of God’ was divine and pure, it exalted itself from the lower elements of creation. And so the lesser elements of nature were left without reason that they might be only matter. Hence the world of matter as man knows it exists without reason.

Indeed Man was brought forth in the image of God like unto him hence Man also partakes of divinity ( ‘God’ in essence refers to the mystery of the All which is only comprehended in mind; one ought to separate the symbol from the idea). Now shall we proceed. Man does not partake of mortal toil because he is a sinner or ate some red apple or was it green; neither is man as any common beast. Man being divine in his formation, admired the operations of the heavenly powers and desired to enter the world. Nature beholding the descent of Man, wrapped him up in her earthly garment. For this, Man above all things on Earth is double; mortal because of his body and Immortal because of his likeness to God. For being immortal, he yet suffers mortal things, and such as are subject to Fate or Destiny.

As Man is in the world, he by definition partakes of generation and dissolution, as the world is subject to the powers of cycles and matter. Yet it is Man that brings evil into the existence, or as might be termed Man’s Ego and separation from the higher self. What is ‘The Ego’? Definition of Ego: “1. The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves”. It is his identification with his Ego-self,  and aspiration to relevance beyond reason, which begets aspiration to power. The desire to belong to an elect/elite group; The desire to posses and retain indefinitely that which empowers. Hence one comes to understand that evil is he who reduces Men to common beast, and evil is he who has no reverence for the divinity of life. Such ones descend to mechanisms of manipulation and exploitation. One will discover that at the foremost minutest level of all malevolent vices, is the aspiration to the Ego relevance.

Juneborg 2013


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