[shift] -Reality: Nature of Society

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.” -William Blake

Happy Friday indeed, and this post is all ’bout ‘The Matrix’

If any concept is of necessity in understanding the current states of society or even growing as a human, it is the nature of ‘The Matrix’. Yes I know we’re all quite familiar with the movies and such. However beyond its pop-culture usage, it might just be the ideal term for defining certain parameters of human society. Since this is not intended to be lengthy at such (as I am no professor), I will endeavor to just extract the relevant themes to the concept.
Any sort of growth in areas of understanding and life knowledge can only result from personal choice, yet in personal growth man inherits ability to improve his society and to evolve. Indeed reality is reality and it exists in its stark form, regardless of an acknowledgement of it or not; just as the rivers would flow into the oceans even if there were not a man to spectate. All is terminated in law and harmony. A world in motion will stay in motion (Newton perhaps aha), but a man may by choice observe its motion.

Of the composition of The Matrix, its main component would be in essence the world as man relates to it on a daily basis. In actuality ones reality is ever in constant creation by the very notion of interacting with the world./ Physical reality is as much represented by physical matter, as it is a function of individual perception./ The world to a person becomes the society they inhabit, which are a group of people sharing common beliefs, language, culture and a collective mutual agreement to the perpetuation of those ideas and values. Now Economics, Politics, Religion and Law all serve somewhat structural/curatorial function of organizing and giving semblance of order to a society; while also serving as means of molding society (the man of intellect will understand there can indeed be various forms of ‘molding’).

If one imagines the different nations/cultures as such in the world, one can understand the reality of varying societies and human groups. One common language among men though is the higher spiritual language. If the individual is then taken as a unit in their society/group one can comprehend how the collective ideas and values of a group will inform the development of that individual right from the inception of life. To make this brief, I stated earlier the notion of ‘mutual agreement to the perpetuation of ideas, beliefs, and values’. There are now certain instruments and institutions which effect the necessary attributes in the individual as a unit of the group. Of Belief, there is Religion and Education; of Language, there is again Education and also Culture; and Culture is itself informed by Values and Religion. One can then see how Politics(Government) which is tied to Economics and Law, and Religion all impact public institutions/family units (in the case of Economics, access to certain grades of institutions, communities and wagering power) and subsequently collective society at large.

The society/group composed of Individuals having been informed through these instruments and institutions will then embody these common ideas, values and beliefs. And furthermore, serve as a self perpetuating and policing unit against any deviation of members in the society. This then is the perpetual machine, ‘The Matrix’, and one can neither taste nor see it; but with its understanding (key) one can go beyond it. I could go into detail on personal individualistic processes by which ideologies and capabilities are imparted on the personal ego. However my intention as stated earlier is only to expound on the themes relevant to the concept and I do not wish to lengthen this post any more than already is.

My purpose of introducing these concepts is to set a foundation/premise for why in subsequent material I will be underlining the crucial importance of the individual understanding and actively engaging in components/institutions of society.
Thank you for participating in this post, see you’re brighter already.

Juneborg 2013


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