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I’m interested in the way in which the past affects the present and I think that if we understand a good deal more about history, we automatically understand a great more about contemporary life.        -Toni Morrison

Any true academic or informed citizen will concur that a sound historical perspective is invaluable to placing events (current/past) in context and understanding political/economic forces at play. Furthermore it gives direct insight into why the fabric of any society is woven the way it is. It really is the old adage ‘know where you’re from to know where you’re going.’ The moment these historical threads are comprehended the entire tapestry becomes vivid and intelligible. It is often stated that the victors write history, and really he who dictates history will also influence ideas and events contemporary to the time.

I stated in the previous post, the idea that individual perception is constantly involved in reality through participation. This goes to show that a personal view of history does influence how current events are perceived. The goal is always to arrive at an understanding of history from various perspectives/p.o.v rather than one(as in news/media also); to essentially extract the cause and effect of events and thereby arrive at the driving motives and bigger picture. I state this to add that in view of the information age, technological and infrastructural advancements, control/manipulation of information has become the most lucrative propaganda tool.

The far reach of modern electronic media technologies(television, mobile devices, personal computing) in addition to traditional print media has rendered information of value. Through mechanisms of constant and directed information bombardment, ideas and perceptions of entire populations are aimed at being manipulated. Take for example the Iraq assault and how the notion of WMD’s was driven over and over again. This exactly is the real reason for the all out war on whistleblowers or revealers of so-called insider information by Obama administration and others; which is really any information which deviates from or exposes agenda. This also is the real motive of bills such as CISPA which aim to attempt the impossible task of controlling flow of information on the web, via the guise of entertainment/media rights or such. Its much easier to use corporate power in controlling television media broadcast and t.v audience reach, not so much web, hence CISPA and such.

A last word. On the subject of Information bombardment, some mainstream media and entertainment media certainly play a huge role in that task. Recall the idea of ‘molding’ society mentioned in previous post. Now imagine the sheer volume of information(news/entertainment) that is consumed on a daily basis via electronic and mobile devices. These create a great distraction to the populace and also a formidable task of discerning truth from the pile and from various propagandas. The active role of public media ought to be in empowering citizens through informational liberation and not in solidifying avenues of control.

Juneborg 2013


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